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A little bit about me

I work as freelancer photographer. Taking a photo is much more than have a good equipment and push the button. Good photo takes flexibility, patience, attention, creativity, the ability to instruct at the right moment, and the ability to remain silent when needed.

First of all – good photo is for me creativity and fill to customer expectations.

Why I love what I do

I did not decide to become a photographer, it just happened.

First camera got as gift when I was teenager. I took a lot of photos till camera stopped working. For a while the topic was forgotten until 2004, then I bought my first digital compact camera and then I fall in love to photographing. I started with nature photography, I took part in competitions, I achieved good places which more and more motivated me to take pictures and try new things. Wherever I went, had a camera with me. And then came the first digital SLR camera and the first job.

Since 2008, I became the Estonian Dance Sport Association partner and dance sports photographer which is continuing till today. This is an exciting category where isn’t enough to have just good equipment and continually push of the button. Must have the ability to see and capture the beauty. Photography for me is a combination of technical knowledgement and skills of painting. My brush is my camera. Dancing sport photography has learnt me to respond very quickly and capture the wonderful moments!

Capturing the wedding, I am not just a wedding photographer who does the indispensable number of clicks. I love capture Your day the way it is and how I see including details I see. You won’t find me running around telling people what to do (exept gruop photos I will give some guidance), hauling flashes and umbrellas from room to room, setting up shots. I will be some invisible how I can be, but capturing all. I try capture the events as they happen.

Capturing pictures of your family or making a personal photo shoot, I try to create a comfortable and pleasant environment that images remain natural.
The greatest reward and compliment the photographer has a smile on the face of the customer and the customer’s pleasure in his voice as he receives the images.